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Hemingway’s Code

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“A man who lives correctly, following the ideals of honor, courage and endurance in a world that is sometimes chaotic, often stressful, and always painful” are the powerful words that Hemingway uses to describe his idea of a code hero. Hemingway’s thoughts on “code heroes” are what basically define his own personal code of living and are represented in his styles of writing. He believes that men should not fear death. Everyone dies anyway, so why should we be afraid of it. Having fun and drinking alcohol allow men to let loose and enjoy their lives while they can. Hemingway feels that individualism strongly represents a man’s life. Standing up to your weaknesses, being tough, and making your own rules make a man strong and ready for the challenges of life. He feels that relationships with woman and emotions have no place in a real mans world. All men need is courage and happiness. Hemingway’s code has two major points; to have fun in life and accept death, and to be a strong and daring individual without women and frustrations.

First of all, Hemingway’s views on life and death greatly set him apart from most other people. He thought that doing what you please and having enormous amounts of fun while doing it was the perfect way of life. He shows this through is extensive travels around the world, numerous wives, and alcoholism. Hemmingway was always on the move to some interesting location. Between his four wives from Africa to Cuba, Hemingway definitely experienced some good times. Later in his life he developed serious problems with alcohol causing his work to suffer, and his public to criticize. Hemingway’s lifestyle was one less than ordinary for any man in his time. Hemingway felt that life could be enjoyed to the fullest because there should be no fear of the dark, unknown, and most importantly of death. Death is a big issue in the Hemingway code. Death is an expected event and is nothing but the end to the party. He did not believe in an afterlife. He thought death should be challenged by living life to the fullest rather than feared by simply avoiding the idea of it. In Hemingway’s “Old Man at the Bridge”, the old man in the story doesn’t complain that he is likely to die, instead he worries about the animals, or friends, he seems to have left. This represents Hemingway’s views on death. Do not stress about it, or fear what is inevitable to happen. Stay strong and concentrate on the happier things in life, such as good times and good friends. Hemingway’s greatest and most shocking example of his acceptance of death was his own suicide at age sixty-one. After years of physical and mental ailments, Hemingway decided that rather than enduring an ugly and painful death, he would do the courageous thing and shoot himself. This again shows how outrageous and out of the ordinary Hemingway’s way of life was. The acceptance of death and ability to live life to the fullest was one of the main factors of Hemingway’s Code.

The biggest strength in Hemingway’s thoughts on death is that he was never afraid of life. Knowing the history of his life and the many things he did and saw, it is clear that he had no apprehensions about getting out in the world and doing what he wanted to do. A feeling of regret is most likely one that Hemingway was not familiar with. His lifestyle was actually very productive and entertaining, without leaving “what ifs” and “why nots” for his public to ask. He always lived his life to the fullest and kept throwing surprises. The biggest weakness to Hemingway’s views on life and death was his suicide. Although he did what he wanted to, it is most unfortunate that the world was unable to continue reading and exploring Hemingway’s works. It is sad and disturbing when anyone dies, especially when they ended it themselves. The most outstanding strength to Hemingway’s way of life was his success in living his life to the fullest, and his suicide was his greatest weakness.

The other factor in Hemingway’s Code of lifestyle and writing was the idea of individualism. It is most important for one to be self-confidant, courageous, gutsy, have endurance, and never show emotion. In “Old Man and the Sea”, the greater part of the book is an old man out to sea chasing a marlin all by himself, while talking to himself, preparing his own food, and surviving on his own. This represents the idea of a man being completely capable of taking care of himself. Hemingway also feels that women bring out a man’s weaknesses. Although ironically enough the man had four wives, he still strongly felt that emotions and women dragged a man’s solidity and respectability down. In Hemingway’s book “Hills like White Elephants”, conflict arises while the man tries to reassure the woman, Jig, of the simplicity of an abortion she should have. This is a swell example of Hemingway’s views on ignoring emotion, and not valuing women and their roles to men. He feels that women are inferior to men, thus explaining his several female partners and wives, because he is all about the thrill of the chase and not giving women respect. Hemingway also shows disrespect to women by cheating on them and being unfaithful. His view on self-individualism and not needing emotion and women is the second most important factor in Hemingway’s Code.

The most important strength in Hemingway’s Code of individuality is that he was an extremely confidant, courageous, and outgoing man. It is very nice to see a man with such grace and power doing what he wants to do. Although, the weak side of this quality was his disrespect for women and emotion. Emotions are very important in life and if Hemingway would have felt differently about that, he would have treated women with more respect and not had such a rough emotional breakdown at the end of his life. Hemingway could have had much more meaningful relationships if he didn’t find women and emotions to be so objectionable. The greatest strength to his individuality was his overall enjoyment and success of life, and his greatest weakness was his disrespect for women.

Throughout Hemingway’s life experiences and works of literature, it is clear to interpret his general code for life. He feels that living life to the fullest is the best way to accept death, and that emotion and women do nothing but hold back a man’s strength and individuality. Hemingway’s strengths in his views of life were that he was able to be a self-motivated, strong willed, independent man who definitely led a thrilling and successful life. His weaknesses in his lifestyle were that he was not afraid to commit suicide, and that he disrespected woman and emotion. Hemingway’s Code consists of the two major factors of accepting death, and being a strong, courageous man.

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