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As the 00 football season began, we knew that we had one of the better teams in our conference. Our team just entered the Jack Pine Conference and was ready to go to war with any team. We knew that we had a shot at earning the Jack Pine championship, but also knew it would take endless amount of practice to get there. With everyday becoming a closer one to our first real game, our team set goals that we needed to accomplish. We wanted to win conference and we wanted to make the playoff; something that is very tough to do, as we knew every team was gunning to beat the new comers. Finally the day had come; the day where it wasn’t our teammates lined up on the other side of the ball, it was new faces, new colors and new names. I knew as the Quarterback and as the captain, I had to lead my troops into victory.

Being Quarterback is a very stressful and difficult job, as everyone may not think. I had to have the greatest head, had to be smart and had to be able to take whatever was thrown at me. When the team loses, the team gets the loss, but the QB also gets it. I know that there is no “I” in team, but no one else is pulled out of the bunch and receives a loss, except the QB. I was willing to take the responsibility and make sure we were an unstoppable force. As game time neared, the butterflies entered and I knew that the time was almost there. It was my senior year and my last year to ever play football and wanted to start off with a big bang. As we received, we wanted to make a statement and score right away. The play came in and it was my favorite one. All I can remember is my coach yelling the play, “Oklahoma right, 5--1-,” and I knew that it was a touchdown. My favorite receiver was a guy named Tyler Foor, also my roommate, and he had the 5 pattern, a post-where the receiver runs out 10 yards and then breaks towards to goal post. I seen him break open and I reared back and let her fly with all I had. The first play-a 60 yard touchdown pass. I knew that this was just the start of an unbelievable ending.

We went on to win that game, but then we hit some kind of brick wall. We did every single possible mistake, in the next two games, a team could do. We would go out and fumble, slack on defense and just not play to our potential. It was like our dreams we had as a team, was slowly coming to an end. To make playoffs, the team had to win at least six games and we had already lost two; one non-conference and one conference. The season looked like it couldn’t get any better, but then luck turned onto our side. We fixed out mistakes and capitalized on our opponents. We dominated in every aspect on the game. We went on to win the next two and stood all alone in second place; one game out of first as the biggest game coming up was for first place. This game was not only our homecoming game, but the game that I will never forget.

Throughout the day, I carried a football everywhere I went, to every class, through the hallways, it didn’t matter. The only problem with the day was that rain was in the forecast for the night. The team never practiced much with the ball wet, so we knew that we wanted it to be dry and warm. As school progressed until the end, I worried about nothing the whole day except football and the big game. No one wants to go to the homecoming dance with a loss. The school day ended with a pep assembly and then a parade through downtown Gladwin. My team rode on a big farm wagon, while I rode in a nice 00 convertible Mustang, as I received honors to be the Homecoming King. This all seemed like I have been there before in a dream at night. It was as if I was the king of the jungle that all creatures looked up to. I was about to play the biggest game of my life, I was named king, and most of all, I was liked by everyone.

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The parade went on for about an hour with the rain still coming down. Finally, the team got back to the school and had a free hour to relax and do whatever we wanted. Earlier that day, our coach went and got the Bay City Times and read a quote that the other team’s coach said. The quote went like this, “The only way my team will loss, is if Heavenly Intervention occurs. They will not score one single touchdown on us!” The team seemed pretty determined and had their mind set on winning. They had every right to, as they stood alone in first place. As the team got dressed, I sat in the bathroom with my guts and intestines all turning opposite ways. It was gut-check time and I had to go to work.

I went back to my locker, put one piece of equipment on at a time and then taped up. Last to put on was the shoulder pads. I slapped both sides and whispered, “Keep me in good shape.” Over the head they went and finally the # jersey with BRATCHER on the back was pulled over. Then, my lucky headband was put on. This was made out of a girls tight, to keep the sweat out of my eyes so I could see. A lot of different people that did this at the beginning of the year, but now mainly Tyler and myself. I guess you could refer to it as what we called tradition. So then I was ready to get dressed, strap up and get the team ready to roll. As part of my team headed out towards the field, only the backs, something right then, changed. The rain stopped and the sun came out. Everything started to slowly dry, as we had hours until game time. Why all of a sudden this happened? No one knows, but in my books, it was only the start to heavenly intervention.

As we arrived at the football field, over ,000 prospects stood, clapped and cheered as loud as a two ton freight train driving by. It was the second greatest feeling that I have ever felt. Soon I knew that the claps would no longer matter as World War III was going to break out. My team took the field and started throwing different routes and different plays until the line came out and we all gathered around the goal post. Here was the start where the team got pumped up. I would always be the one to jump up on the pile, say a few words and then in tradition of the Gladwin High School football team, say, “Break down,” and then all my teammates would follow with a response of “Hit,” and that cadence would occur three different times. The team would line up like a tunnel, being as wide as the goal post, going out towards midfield. The announcers would then call off the names that were starting, and then the guys would hit them as they ran out.

I would always be the last one called out, seeing how it was my team and I was in command. After I started to run out, the rest of the team that wasn’t on the starting squad would follow behind me and we would all gather at the 50 yard line. We would all huddle in a circle and then start jumping around. Finally, after about a minute, we would stop and I would say, “Who do we hate?” and the team would reply, “The Mustangs!” Like the other saying, we would do this three times and then run to the side lines and get ready for kickoff.

Walking out to the field, the captains, one being a spokesperson, and the refs from each side would meet at midfield. Usually it was me, but sometimes we switched it up. Since it was our combat zone and our place, we got to call it. We won the toss and chose to play defense, to see what they really had. Coming into the game, we knew we had to stop their running back, who led the conference in rushing yards. As the game got under way, I was patiently waiting for the finally sound to see the ending score and what the outcome was going to be.

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