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The labor and services obtained threw force, the property of another person. This is a slave. From the beginning of time slaves have been known merely as things, not as people. They have been traded, bought, given as a gift, or pledged by a debt by their owners, many without objection or restraint. Slavery dates back to prehistoric times. There were many jobs to be done and people did not want to have to pay for someone to do them. Some people had to sell themselves or family just to pay off a debt to someone and those people would be enslaved for punishment.

Slavery was a big part of the economy for all ancient civilizations. Most ancient Egyptians used slaves to build their temples. The ancient Hebrews also used slaves but were forced to free any slaves or their same nationality. Aztec, Inca, and Maya used slaves for agriculture and warfare purposes. Some of these ancients would set their slaves free because of their good work and loyal services.

In Greece, some slaves were treated very poorly and were forced into labor or fighting. The people mostly made them fight because they highly outnumbered their masters. Overall people would not be surprised to see the slaves and their masters on good terms. Most slaves in Greece were employed for domestic services or as seamen and oarsmen. The later Greek philosophers did not consider the condition of slavery as morally objectionable.

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The Romans played a major role in the development of slavery. Roman masters had much more power over their slaves, even to the matter of life or death. Wealthy Romans had quiet a few slaves to take care of their land and households. As Romans expanded their territory, the need for workers increased and foreign slaves were imported to work. The biggest way to gain slaves was threw war. Many prisoners were taken to Rome and sold or used as slaves. Depending of slaves contributed to Rome’s downfall.

With the exploration of North and South America, slavery was a major trade. Portugal was the first to meet its worker expectations by bringing imported slaves over for its agricultural work. Portugal started this in 1444 and by 1460 they were importing 700-800 slaves from trading posts and forts on the African coast. Spain soon followed but Portugal was clearly monopolized the African slavery traffic. Threw out the 15th century people began to take in this industry and Arabs began to take Africans to Arabia, Iran, and India to sell at markets.

The first African slaves to reach America were in 116. They landed in Jamestown, Virginia brought by Dutch ships. At first the amount of slaves coming in to America was very little so people did not see a reason to keep track of their legal status. With the development of the southern colonies and the need for agriculture work the imports of Africans greatly increased. In the north, slaves were mostly used for trade. In the middle they were used for agriculture. As for the south, most of the Africans were used to work on plantations.

Slaves became very important to America, especially in the south. They were a fundamental to the community and the economy. Contrary to what people said, slaves did not have many legal rights. Support in age and sickness, religion rights, and the right to bring suit and give evidence in special cases were limited. However, some had the rights to marriage, free time, private property, contractual ability and for women, lighter domestic or plantation work. Brutal treatment such as branding, chaining, and sometimes murder was prohibited but cruelty was very common before the 1th century.

In the early 1800’s the population of the United States included 8,60 slaves and only 6,505 of those slave belonged to people in the north. By 1860 there were a total of ,5,760 slaves just in the southern states. Most early presidents and major people thought as slavery as being something evil and inconsistent with the declaration of independents. The Presbyterian Church and the Methodist Episcopal were very anti-slavery until one day when a bishop from the Methodist Episcopal church refused to emancipate slaves he had inherited threw his wife. From this the south was formed.

Any northerners made anti slavery groups and as a whole anti slavery views grew strong. Many people were afraid to show their anti slavery views in fear of what might happen. Even though northerners did not want slavery to spread to other states their reasons were based on economics rather then mortality. Every conflict between the north and the south somehow tied into slavery issues. Prior to the 1860 election, Abraham Lincoln and Stephan Douglas both worked towards a compromise on the slavery issues. However, Douglas won most immigrant support because they feared the abolishment of slavery would take away their jobs.

During the civil war a man named Fredrick Douglass, who was a slave but escaped, spoke of giving blacks guns and training them for combat. Not only would this prove that blacks should have their freedom but also show white men that black people deserve the right to full citizenship. That is what Lincoln did, he put up posters stating why a black man would want to join the war.

At first blacks were assigned to their own groups, separated from the whites and were given silly tasks. Once the blacks were allowed to fight, their performance quickly hushed the racist soldiers. By the end of the war 17,000 black men had served in 166 all-black regiments and many performed heroically. Twenty-one blacks earned the Medal of Honor for their outstanding performance above and beyond their call of duty.

Denmark was the first to abolish slavery in 17. Then came Britain in 1807 and the United States in 1808. The Ashburton treaty of 184 between Britain and the U.S. enforced prohibition of slave tra

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