Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sinificant experience

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Significant Experience

Ten seconds is a short period of time that changed my life. July 1, 00 two days after my birthday. As I was sitting in my at my house watching television my little brother rushed in the house. He told me that some boys were throwing rock at him while he riding his four-wheeler. So I jumped on the A.T.V. and rushed down the road where the boys were. I thought I was playing the big brother role by going to take care of everything. As I turned the curve ready to confront the boys I lost control. The machine tossed and tumbled with me still attached. You could feel the impact of the four-wheeler as it struck the ground on top of me. It all felt like a dream. Little did I know this would be a dream not so easy to wake up from. I got up very delirious I wasn’t sure which was up or down. I heard the of one young lady echo look at his ear. There was no time to wait for the ambulance. Luckily a friend of the family was riding by and saw me and took me to Richmond Memorial Hospital. I look in the man’s mirror at my mangled ear as blood dripped to my shirt. The loss of blood made me blank out a couple of times on the way to the hospital. I was rushed in quickly and placed in emergency room. While I was in the bed the only person I wanted to see was my mother to tell me everything would be all right. When they wheeled me through the lobby, and I saw my family members it felt like my head filled up with water. I started to cry for no reason. I was transported to Moore County Hospital. There I had to have plastic surgery. Throughout the operation the doctor had to pick and dig rocks and gravel out of my ear. The operation took around three hour to surgically repair my ear before I left that night they had to clean my back where it had scraped the road. I remember the nurse saying that the people at the other hospital did not do a good job at cleaning my wounds. I went home that night. The next morning I got up and went to the site of my accident. You could still se the spot where the blood dripped from my ear to the ground. While I was trying to recover there were always limit to what I could do. When I would try to stand sometimes I fall right back down. Me being the person that I am I would never lie down for anything, and I wasn’t about to start now. After all the trials and tribulations I was still able to play my final year on the Richmond Senior High’s football team. The support received from my family, friends, and coaches continues this to be a significant experience in my life. I was very lucky to be able to live my life normal. I also realize that life is short and can be taken from you in matter of seconds. The only thing to do is to live life to the fullest. My accident has shown me that I’ve been through a lot of things, and for me to live life while it is here.

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